Thursday, January 2, 2014

Check! Check! Check!

This week we checked almost everything off our pre-IVF checklist. We had the blood tests and ultrasounds on Monday. This morning, I went in for a pap test and the trial transfer. I didn't need a full bladder and I completely forgot to take any pain relievers before I left, but it wasn't too bad. Uncomfortable and overwhelming, but not painful and it only lasted a minute or two. Dr. M said that everything looked great and he made notes for whichever doctor will be performing the embryo transfer for me.

We also had the official IVF consult with Dr. M. It was kind of silly (especially considering that it cost several hundred non-discounted dollars) because we already went through most of the information at the consult with the IVF nurse, but I get why it's important. We made some big decisions - for example, we'll almost definitely be doing a single embryo transfer - and we talked about things like ICSI, assisted hatching, and genetic testing. For now, we're just having Seth do the Recombine carrier screening since he has insurance coverage and then we'll make some more decisions based on the results. We decided to leave most of the other stuff up to the embryologist.

Dr. M also decided on my protocol. I'll be doing a Luteal Protocol which means that I'll be taking BCPs from CD4 to CD20 (January 18th). On CD16 (January 11th) I'll start taking 10 units of Lupron and I'll keep doing that until the nurses tell me to stop. For stimming, I'll be mainly using Gonal-F but Dr. M is still waiting on the results of my AMH test to figure out specific dosages. On January 22nd, I go back in for ultrasound and E2 and hopefully I'll start the stimulation phase!

Finally, we had to pay our bill. We had to pay the total bill for the IVF cycle (minus meds and anesthesia) before we start any medications. It was scary as fuck. I don't even want to think about it right now, but it's done so that's good.
I'm still feeling really nervous. I cried in the exam room (alone, not in front of anyone) just thinking about how much we're spending and the risks and wondering if we're making a mistake. During our consult Dr. M did mention again that IVF is the best way to bypass any of the issues that can be caused by endometriosis, so that helped. On the other hand, watching the Lupron injection training video did not help and that's one of the easy subcutaneous injections. Oh well. I'm just going to follow the great advice that I've been given and just try to take it one day at a time. I wonder if it will feel like the next weeks are flying by or going super fucking slow...


  1. Hooray!! Scary I know but I agree about just taking it one day at a time, one step at a time. It really helped me to make myself an IVF calendar with all my meds (even PNVs) needed for each day so that I could just cross each one off as I went. That way I never worried that I forgot something and I ONLY had to focus on the next immediate shot, not on everything still yet to do. It made it feel very manageable for me and was sort of nice to even look back to see how far I'd come. And you are right about the Lupron injections - they are easy! Just pinch and stick - half the time you may not even feel anything. The first one is the worst because of the anticipation and then you'll get used to it before you know it. (((Hugs!!)))

    1. Thanks Chickin! I'm definitely going to make myself a calendar. I already went back through your posts to check out yours again so that I had a good idea of how to make mine :)

  2. I am so excited for you, but I totally understand the nervousness! But as you and Chickin said, just take it one step at a time, you're going to do great!! As someone new to injects, I am on day 2 of lupron and puregon (similar to gonal-f) - that's 2 shots a day - and it honestly is not as bad as you think. I thought people were just saying this to me, but it really was true - the anticipation is the worst part. I have everything crossed for you!!! <3

  3. Nothing but good vibes. Creepy Internet stranger hugs to you. :) Kasey

  4. Huge hugs! You've got this! <3