Monday, December 29, 2014

37 weeks - THREE!!

How far along: 37 weeks (and 1 day) 

Countdown to EDD: 3 weeks/20 days

Baby is the size of a: Winter melon. Baby E is considered early-term now! He's still practicing sucking, breathing, swallowing and things like that. He's probably between 6 and 7.5 lbs now (based on my last growth scan).

Physical symptoms:  Very tired, often irritable and usually uncomfortable  

Mood: Fine - I'm just really excited!   

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  No change since last week

Maternity clothes: What a pain in the ass. It's so hot here, but none of my warm weather maternity clothes fit anymore. I'm too lazy and too cheap to buy new clothes at this point, so I'm mostly wearing yoga pants and PJs.
 Oh! Nursing bras are totally amazing though.   

Sleep: Not too bad. I think I only peed twice - TWICE - the other night! Sometimes I wake up and having trouble shutting my mind off and getting back to sleep though.

Best moment of the week: I'm supposed to say Christmas, but honestly the best moment was waking up to an empty house (meaning just me, Seth and the pups) this morning.

Movement: Still wild, still trying to spin around but I think it's been unsuccessful.

Food cravings/aversions: Nothing new

Sex: Boy

Labor signs: Prelabor signs: As of last Wednesday, I was 80% effaced and dilated 2 cm. Our families are convinced that I'll have the baby early, but I don't feel anything yet. It's a little frustrating that everyone thinks that because...I don't know it just feels like a lot of pressure having everyone waiting like this.

What I miss: Beer and a cold turkey hoagie - this will be my "first meal". Okay, maybe the beer will have to wait until after we leave the hospital. That's fine. I can have as many hoagies as I want that week.

What I am looking forward to: I'm still looking forward to labor. I'm sure my feelings will change rapidly when labor actually starts, but for now I'm excited. I think I feel cheated out of the surprise pregnancy and surprising Seth with a positive test business. I can't wait until something happens and I get to tell Seth that it's time to go, that it's time to meet our son. 

Milestones: 37 weeks!! Baby E is no longer considered pre-term. His lungs could still do some maturing and he may or may not be ready to eat on his own, but otherwise he should be good to go at this point!

Showing yet: Duh. You know, everyone always talks about how you can't see your feet at the end. That's bullshit - you can, you just have to lean forward a little bit. You know what you can't see? Your crotch. It's impossible. I mean, I don't really need to see it but being unable to is a strange feeling. Just in case you were wondering about that, now you know. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Binks, Bear, Baby E, Ana and Seth

Binks and Bear

Sunday, December 21, 2014

36 weeks - FOUR!!

How far along: 36 weeks 

Countdown to EDD: 4 weeks/28 days

Baby is the size of a: Honeydew. Baby is getting very close to being able to breathe on his own (or maybe he can already). Most organs are fully functional now.

Physical symptoms: Not too many, just very uncomfortable. My chest/upper bump is still sore and there's a lot more pressure on my crotch and butt.   

Mood: Good. Anxious.   

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Forgot to check. I would guess somewhere between +20-25 lbs, so perfectly "normal".

Maternity clothes: Duh. Plus my yoga pants.    

Sleep: Still pretty good. Every now and then the baby gets into a position where it feels like he sinks to one side and that hurts, but otherwise I'm comfortable and sleeping well.

Best moment of the week: Every moment. I'm pregnant and Seth is off and we're getting so close to meeting our son. Even if it wasn't literally the week before Christmas, I think it would feel that way. I'm so happy and excited.

Movement: Still wild. He's really stretchy today.

Food cravings/aversions: Nothing new.

Sex: Boy

Labor signs: I have some pre-labor signs - at my appointment on Thursday, I was 60% effaced and dilated 1.5 cm. My doctor thought this looked good for where I am. I'm excited that I'm making progress but, of course, I hope he hangs out in there for a few more weeks.

What I miss: Being in control of my own body. Or maybe I mean being selfish with my own body. I just want to eat what I want and sit how I want for a little bit.

What I am looking forward to: Everything: time off with Seth, Christmas and our baby's arrival. Also, we're having maternity/family pictures taken today!

Milestones: 37 weeks - in one week, baby will be considered early-term instead of pre-term so that sounds important.

Showing yet: I can't go anywhere without people commenting on my bump and asking questions. I got my first "you look ready to pop" comment this weekend but I don't really care because I feel like I'm ready to pop. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

35 weeks - FIVE!!

How far along: 35 weeks 

Countdown to EDD: FIVE weeks until my EDD!! Only 35 days! 

Baby is the size of a: Coconut! At our growth scan, they estimated that the baby was about 5 lbs, 6 oz (+ or - 13 oz). I think he's on the bigger side of that range. He feels giant to me, but I guess I don't really have anything to judge that against.

Physical symptoms:  
The pressure on my bladder has really increased and I have to pee all the time. More heartburn. 

Mood: Great!   

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Still +20, doctor said it was perfect though.

Maternity clothes: Yes, except my pants. My yoga pants are still glorious.     

Sleep: Still good. I'm waking up to pee more often but when I'm sleeping, I'm sleeping well. I hit the third tri sleep jackpot I think. Second tri was so much worse for me.

Best moment of the week: Seeing Baby at the growth scan on Monday! 

Movement: He's wild and completely taking up all of the available space.

Food cravings/aversions: French fries.

Sex: Boy

Labor signs: Not really. BH were a bit more common again.

What I miss: Feeling like I can breathe normally.

What I am looking forward to: NBR: Baking Christmas cookies this week. 

Milestones:  Not a milestone but people seem to love the 35/35 point (35 weeks with 35 days to go) so -yay!!

Showing yet: Yep. I'm lazy and just re-sharing my HDBD picture from this past Wednesday (34w3d). Also, I got measured for nursing bras this week. I am skeptical, but the woman said I was a 34D. A "D"! Those are adult boobs. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

34 weeks

How far along: 34 weeks 

Countdown to EDD: 6 weeks (ahh!!!)/42 days

Baby is the size of a: Butternut squash. He feels giant.

Physical symptoms: Super uncomfortable. Either baby is getting so big that he's taking up my whole torso or he's wedged up towards my chest. Sitting down is painful.   

Mood: Mostly good, but I'm getting easily frustrated when I can't do things I normally do.   

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  About +20 lbs. Though according to the stranger that did a full inspection of my body the other day, it looks like I only gained 10. Thanks?

Maternity clothes: Tops yes, but I've been living in my new non-maternity yoga pants. I have four pairs now.     

Sleep: Still pretty good so I guess that's a fair trade for being so uncomfortable during the day. I'll take it.

Best moment of the week: We picked a name! I'm not going to share it on here because I don't use our real names here. I don't want this blog to show up if someone Googles us. Because people are totally Googling us all the time.

Movement: OMFG. The alien belly was out of control last night. Seth and I were half screaming, half laughing at it. Then laughing made the baby move more. I absolutely love seeing and feeling him move because I was afraid I'd never experience this...but it does freak me out a bit.

Food cravings/aversions: Still french fries. If I could eat french fries for every meal, I would.

Sex: Boy

Labor signs: Nope. I don't even notice BH that often, but maybe I'm just getting used to them.

What I miss: Sitting and bending over without pain.

What I am looking forward to: We have another growth scan on Tuesday and it turns out Seth will be able to go after all!

Milestones: 34 weeks today! Baby could arrive at any time. If I go into labor, they're not going to stop me! Hopefully he hangs out in there for a few more weeks though.

Showing yet: Yes. I noticed that I've gained most of my non-belly weight on my lower body. I don't recognize my legs. My ass looks big(ger) too, but to be honest I wouldn't mind if that hangs around after baby is born.