Monday, December 30, 2013

Seriously, Lady?

Holy S - I was in and out of the waiting room from 8:15AM to 1:15PM today. I guess I need to get used to tons of waiting and poking.

First stop was Dr. M's office where I had routine CD2-4 blood work (E2 and FSH) and an ultrasound. The nurse called me in for blood work around 8:45. I was not pleased - it was the same nurse who jacked up my arm last time.

Nurse: You're here to start an IVF cycle?
Me: Yes
Nurse (does some shit, then comes back): You're here for pregnancy?
Me (thinking): What in the fuck does that mean? A pregnancy test? I just told you IVF...
Me: I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean.
Nurse: You're trying to get pregnant?

Me: Yes. Yes I am.
Nurse: That's nice. You're about the same age as my daughter. That's a great age to get pregnant. She has two kids - a four year old and 7 month old. It worked out perfect for her.
Me: More Ron Weasley stares.
A) I mean, I know I could have been there for egg donation but wouldn't it have been safer to assume that I was "here for pregnancy"? B) How nice for your daughter. I thought having a baby at 28 would be perfect too. That's why I started trying to get pregnant 18 months ago. In case you forgot, I'm here for IVF so things didn't really work out so well for me.

Luckily, despite the overwhelming nerves, I was in a good mood this morning so it didn't really bug me too much. I could see how that conversation could be very hurtful to someone having a bad day. Why would she think that was a good topic for small talk?

Anyway, next up was my ultrasound. The technician told me that she thinks she saw at least 8 follicles on each ovary. That's an AFC of at least 16! I'm happy with that number. It looks like that's right on the edge of good and great, so hopefully there's a few extras that she couldn't see or didn't count which would put me in the "great" category. (Side note: How do you find the balance between being informed and avoiding Dr. Google scare tactics?)

Finally we spent 1.5 hours at the lab to do some more blood work. Once the results of my AMH test get sent to Dr. M's office, Nurse Jacki will call me with my initial protocol and BCP start time. She said she's 100% sure that I'll be taking BCPs either way, so as long as nothing looks crazy I should start them tonight and take them for 18 days. Fingers crossed!

The bills are already pilling up. My insurance only covers prescriptions from contracted providers and Dr. M is not on their list. My AMH and Indirect Coombs tests were not covered and I have six or seven more prescription drugs to pick up. I'm going to have to do some shopping around before I pick those up. I hate shopping.

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  1. Sorry that nurse was a twat to you. But, I'm thrilled to hear that your AFC was great. FX for for your blood work. <3