Friday, April 25, 2014

Trigger Day!

Oh shit. I've been wanting this day to get here so badly and now I'm terrified. I went in for my fifth follie scan this morning and everything still looks pretty good.

Right Side: 21.7, 21.7,  18.4, 18.2, 18.1, 17.1, 16.3, 16.2, 16.2, 15.6, 14.8, 14.6, 13.3
Left Side: 20.2, 19.9, 19.8, 19.6, 17.5, 16.8, 16.7, 16.7, 16.6, 16.2, 14.3

My left side is falling back into his sluggish ways, but he still had a great run. There are 19 in the target range.

This morning the OR nurse called me and said that based on my report from yesterday, they believed the doctor was going to switch me from the Novarel hcg trigger to a Lupron trigger. Luckily, Seth was home and took care of everything. The nurse gave him the number of a pharmacy that would do same delivery so we had the nurse put in the order. Great.

In between my classes, I started researching Lupron triggers which really scared me. Doctors sometimes use them when a patient has a higher risk for developing OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) because the hcg trigger can make OHSS worse. The problem is that the hcg also helps your body to prepare for a pregnancy - a Lupron trigger doesn't do that. This really worried me because I've only been prescribed oral estrogen supplements and the vaginal progesterone gel. There's no way I could go through with a transfer if I thought my body not be ready for it.

After I got home, the nurse called back to say that my E2 actually wasn't as bad as they expected - it only went from 3200 to 3500 between yesterday and today. Dr. M decided to stick with the hcg trigger. Of course, the pharmacy delivery guy showed up five minutes later. We still had to pay the $45 delivery fee but at least we didn't pay for the meds already.

So. Tonight at 10:30 we'll do the Novarel trigger! I'm going back in for blood work tomorrow morning. If my E2 is below 5000, we still have a chance at a transfer this cycle. If it's above 5000, they are going to recommend that we do a freeze-all. This also terrifies me. We only had one embryo that made it to freeze quality last cycle (though there were two that could have been transferred).

ER is scheduled for Sunday morning. I am so nervous. I hope that my body can handle this.

IVF #2 Progress Report
Status: Trigger Day!
Meds: 10,000 IU Novarel hcg, doxycycline
E2: 3500+
Lining: 9.3
Follies: 24 between 14.3 - 21.7

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  1. FX for you!!! Good luck with ER! I hope your E2 stays low so that you'll be able to transfer this cycle! AND I hope you have some to freeze. <3