Thursday, April 17, 2014


First, I just want to say thank you to everyone for all of the comments and well wishes over the past few weeks (and months). I am so grateful for all of the extra prayers and crossed fingers!

Yesterday was CD1 (thanks, body!) so when I went in for my baseline appointment, everything looked great and I was cleared to start stimming! We're doing the antagonist protocol this time so right now I'm only taking 150 IU of Menopur and 150 of Gonal-F. It was nice to have just one injection. We'll add Cetrotide in a few days. I'll go back for my first follie scan bright and early on Saturday  morning.

I'm feeling really good right now. Partly because I know what to expect, partly because of the relaxation exercises I'm doing (Circle + Bloom), and partly from all of the support from my family and friends. I did have a little bit of anxiety last night doing the first injection. Seth wasn't home and I hate doing the first one alone. Also, I think there was caffeine in my coffee and I hardly ever drink caffeine because it makes me shake. So that plus the anxiety - it basically felt like I was drunk which is not good when you're injecting yourself. I spilled a bit of the Menopur from the first vial but since I'm not a newbie anymore (or maybe because I was "drunk") I just said "fuck it" instead of melting down and calling the on-call nurse.

A few weeks ago, my parents were visiting. They were here when I went in for my appointment to start BCPs. My mom left a little surprise for me at the house before she left.

Bunny cookie and St. Jude prayer card
She doesn't know about my Snuggle Bunnies group (from TB), she just knows that bunnies are my favorite animal, but it made me smile. She also left a St. Jude prayer card that was given to her by my MomMom (her mom). St. Jude is the Patron Saint of "lost causes" and "cases despaired of". I'm glad to add it to my collection - I keep a card for St. Gianna and St. Gerard by my bed as well. My mom is the best and I am so lucky and grateful to have her. It's little things like this that keep me going and give me hope.

So that's what I'll be doing for the next 8 to 14 days - stimming and praying and hoping for the best!

IVF #2 Progress Report
Status: Stimming
Meds: 150 Menopur, 150 Gonal-F, Doxycycline
Side effects: Nothing yet


  1. It's all crossed for you!! Grow, follies, grow!

  2. Yay stimming! I did not know bunnies were your favorite. Have you heard of rabbit island? So cute!

    1. Omg, I just rewatched the video at the end of the article at that link and now all I want is to snuggle some bunnies!!

    2. Oh my gosh look at all those bunnies! I love it! That's the cutest island ever :)

  3. Yay for stimming! Keeping everything crossed for you this cycle! That was so sweet of your mom!

  4. That's so sweet of your Mom, and hopefully the bunny coincidence is a good sign? Keeping my FX for you!!!