Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 1 Fert Report

I'm feeling okay today. My stomach hurts, but I'm pretty sure it is from all of the antibiotics that I have been taking - I remember having stomach pain last cycle as well. I'm being really careful about drinking Gatorade and coconut water and I've been eating some protein-rich snacks. Hopefully I don't develop OHSS!

Yesterday, while I was waiting to go in for retrieval I heard the nurse making calls to patients to give them their fertilization reports. That was at 9:00 AM, so today I thought maybe my call will come at 9:00 AM too!


Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I called them. The nurse answered right away and was able to give me our report (doesn't she know how hard it is to wait??).

We had 18 eggs retrieved yesterday. 16 of them were mature and 16 of them were fertilized! Hopefully one (or more) of them is our golden egg!

Of course we are very happy about this. We can cross a few more worries off our list today. We are also being very cautious with our feelings and expectations. We had a nearly 100% fert rate last time as well, but our 9 embryos only resulted in one blast and a BFN. So we're hopeful, but not ready to celebrate yet.

For now, Dr. M thinks that we can proceed with a transfer as long as I don't show any symptoms of OHSS. I am scheduled to go in for a day 3 transfer on Wednesday morning. We'll get a call early in the morning if things are looking good and they think that we can wait until day 5. My heart is relieved because I really didn't want to be cancelled, but I'm also wondering if it is the right thing to do. Is my body ready? Will an embryo even have a chance? I think we still need to just wait and see how everything goes.


  1. Congratulations on your 16 mature embies! Grow, grow, grow!

  2. Congrats on a great fert report! I am praying that your embies continue to grow and thrive, that you have one (or two?) to transfer and even some frosties left over! And stay away, OHSS!! Wishing you so much luck this cycle!!! <3

  3. What a great fert report! I am so happy about this news but will continue to keep you in my T & Ps until it's transfer time. FX for you love!

  4. Awesome fert report!! Hoping you don't get OHSS and that you're able to transfer :) FX for you

  5. That's an awesome report! Congrats! FX for you!