Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Great news - I don't have melanoma! I had my follow-up appointment with the oral surgeon today and he told me that I do not have oral melanoma or any other type of cancer. Thank God. The pathology report just says that it was a "foreign body" - most likely a bit of metal. This is a very common situation, but because I don't have any metal fillings near the spot and because it didn't show up on the x-rays, it was safer to go ahead and do the biopsy. I am not surprised that this was the result. I know that I had a metal spacer in my mouth for several years when I was younger and I'm almost certain that it was in the area of my mouth where I found the spot. Obviously, I am ridiculously relieved that I have nothing to worry about! The area that they biopsied healed perfectly so now I can just relax and forget that this even happened. It's nice to have a bit of good news from a doctor for a change!

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