Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Positive Day

I mentioned that I was going to try using digital OPKs this month. I used one on Tuesday even though the cheapie test was clearly negative. The digital agreed. Last night I used another cheapie and it was inconclusive. The test line was almost as dark as the control line, but the test area was also weird and streaking. Fuck that - I'm trying the digital again. After blinking for a few minutes....

Awesome! I really doubt this is going to make a huge difference because our timing as always been decent even within the context of the margin of error, but this feels good. I'm willing to latch onto anything to boost my optimism. Mostly, I'm just hoping that my chart is more clear. I'm a scientist - I hate inconclusive data.

To boost my mood even further, we got a new dishwasher today! Our old one sucked. It ran for hours and sometimes you had to run it more than once. I was thrilled when it broke last week. We went to pick one out on Monday, I think, and the guys came to install it this afternoon.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time shopping online before choosing a Whirlpool. I became obsessed with having the silverware basket on the door which, according to the guy at Sears, is Whirlpool's signature look. So far I love it, although I admit that I haven't actually used it yet. The level of my excitement about trying it out is a little disturbing. I think I'm officially a "housewife".'s simple pleasures. Positive ovulation tests and major appliances.

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