Thursday, February 6, 2014


This morning was our ET. I am officially PUPO - Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise. I've also heard Pregnant Unless Proven Otherwise and I think I like the sound of that better. It seems more optimistic.

We arrived at the clinic around 9:30 and went straight back to the prep room. Both Seth and I changed into our fancy outfits and then the nurse came and took my vitals. After this, she gave us the report of our remaining embryos. We had 12 retrieved and 9 fertilized (the other 3 were discarded). Of those 9, all 9 are still growing today! However, most of them (the 8 that we didn't transfer) don't look like they'll make it to freeze. I had trouble following her explanation but it seems like most of them are far behind where they should be on Day 5. There were three early blastocysts that look like they have the potential to be frozen. We won't find out about those until until Day 7 or 8.

Then she showed us the little embryo that was chosen for our transfer. She said it was a beautiful embryo and that the embryologist and physician were really happy with it so they were definitely recommending that we just transfer that one embryo. The nurse said that it was a grade 3BB blast. I thought that sounded kind of crappy, but in their system 3 is good. 3 means it's an expanded blast (4 would be the best for a hatching blast). The letters have to do with the amount of cells present and how tightly packed they are and B is average/decent. I got all teary when she handed us the picture.

And here it is - hopefully the first of many, many pictures of our little one:

Next I took some Valium and filled out a bunch of paperwork while I filled my bladder. Valium is awesome. Filling your bladder sucks. I have a really sensitive bladder, possibly because it had been covered with endo tissue, so that was like torture for me. They even let me pee once before taking us into the OR but the doctor could still see that I was in a lot of discomfort so they sent me back out of the OR to go again. And my bladder was still plenty full when they did the transfer.

The Valium really helps relax things down there because this wasn't as uncomfortable or painful as a pap or the mock transfer. It happened really quickly and the doctor showed us the little bright white spot in my uterus which showed where the embryo (in the fluid) was deposited. We got a picture of that too. And I got teary again.

Now we wait. And we wait and we wait. The first beta is scheduled for Monday, February 17th. That's 11dp5dt! That seems like a long time. I don't think I'm going to test early because I didn't test out my trigger and I've never had a trigger before so I don't know what to expect. Oh well. Hopefully it will be worth the wait. While we were waiting to go in for the transfer, one of my favorite songs came on - Mumford and Sons I Will Wait. I'm going to look at that as a good sign.


  1. I love this post! I have everything crossed for you that this is it!

  2. Crossing everything for you! I hope that little emby snuggles in for the next 9 months!

  3. I'm so excited for you and have everything crossed for you!

  4. I love that song. I sob every time it comes on, but listen to it anyway. I first heard it right before I got my BFP, so let's hope that tradition continues. <3

    And now I know what your text meant when you said you were high and going to pee the bed. Sorry it was so painful! I hated all the "you need to have a full bladder for this" stuff too. So uncomfortable.

    I am so so hopeful for you. Can't wait for Feb. 17th!

  5. So happy and hopeful for you!!! I have everything crossed and I hope the wait goes by quickly. (YAY PUPO!!!)

  6. Congrats on being PUPO!! I have everything crossed that that little embryo sticks!

  7. SQUEEEE!!! I love this post so freaking much!! And I'm all for the Pregnant UNLESS Proven Otherwise! I have everything crossed for you!! <3