Saturday, February 8, 2014

And then there was one.

This morning we received the news that none of our 8 remaining embryos made it to freeze. No frosties for us.

Seth and I are pretty crushed. We knew that the odds weren't in our favor (they aren't in anyone's favor) but we couldn't help but hope for the best. It was really tough to hear the report. We started asking ourselves all sorts of questions - why not? What went wrong? Is there something wrong with us? Does this mean my eggs are bad? Does this mean that the one we transferred didn't make it past day 6 either?

I don't think there are any answers to these questions. It just happened. It was just bad luck (or really, just not good luck).

Of course we're not giving up though. As far as we know, we still have one. For the next 10 days we just need to keep hoping and praying that our one little guy is still fighting and holding on.


  1. Oh Ana, I'm so sorry. I am keeping everything crossed that you have a superstar embie snuggling in as I type this and no frosties will be necessary. Sending big hugs and love.

  2. Ana, I'm so sorry. I'm staying hopeful for your little rockstar! Lots of love coming to you! <3

  3. I'm sorry the report today wasn't better. Sending lots of good vibes and love to you and your emby!! <3