Monday, February 3, 2014

Blissfully Ignorant

We won't get another call about our embabies until tomorrow morning. I have no idea what's happening or how they're doing. I think that's kind of a good thing though. As far as I know, we still have 9 little embryos. For today, I can pretend that they're all dividing beautifully and growing strong. I know that that's probably not true, but acknowledging or dwelling on that truth isn't going to make it any more or less likely to happen. I am worried about them, but I'm not feeling crazy with anxiety. When I think about them, I just say a quick prayer and go about my business.

Tomorrow, the panic will set it. Luckily my first class isn't until late morning so whether I'm going in for a Day 3 transfer or not, I don't need to be up until 7 AM. I'm going to try to sleep as late as possible to minimize the amount of time I have to sit starting at the phone.

Hopefully, this is what our embryos are doing right now:

On Day 3, they like to see embryos with 6 to 10 cells. If we have a good number of "superior quality" embryos, they will push us back to a Day 5 transfer. If things aren't going so well, we'll go in tomorrow to hopefully transfer our strongest little embryo. Best not to think about the other possibilities for now.


  1. I have everything crossed for you! Praying your little embies are growing strong!

  2. I hope you have a beautiful blast by the end of your 5 day wait! Grow embies grow!