Monday, February 10, 2014


After we found out about our lack of frosties, we decided that we wanted to test out the trigger so that we could take an HPT before beta day. I guess it makes us feel like we have a little bit of control back. At least this way, we can test over the weekend and process the news, good or bad, in private before we have to go to the clinic and to work next Monday.

On Saturday we went to Dollar Tree. I've never had a problem buying HPTs or tampons or things like that, but I wasn't excited about walking into the Dollar Tree to buy a butt load of tests. At this point, I feel a little ashamed or embarrassed to buy them. As if people are laughing at me or pitying me because I don't really need them. Or maybe I'm just pitying myself. I've also heard stories of cashiers making comments and I didn't think I could handle that. I told Seth that 35 people have already seen my vagina this month and I could handle this, but he turned the car off and followed me in anyway. I thought that was really sweet. Like he didn't want me to stand there alone.

The store was packed of course. As if they were having a sale and everything in the store isn't always one dollar every other day. And the cashier did say 'good luck', by the way, but she said it as we walked away so I managed to contain my rage at what I'm sure she thought was a very kind thing to say.

Both yesterday and today, the test was stark white at the recommended 2-3 minute read time. I thought 3dp5dt was kind of early for the trigger to be totally gone so I checked it an hour later and there was a faint but obvious line. Today I watched it longer and the line does show up right around the 'do not read after 10 minute' mark. I'll probably keep testing until I'm sure nothing shows up before 10 minutes.

Hopefully this week goes by quickly!


  1. FX the week goes quickly and that line returns!! Sending lots of good vibes your way!! <3

  2. FX!! Hopefully this week flies by for you and you get two solid lines this weekend!

  3. Pee sticks from amazon. $18 for 50. No judgmental cashiers or onlookers. Good luck next time.