Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 3 Report

The nurse from the embryology lab called this morning with great news - everything still looks good so we're aiming for a Day 5 transfer on Thursday. Yay! We were so relieved to hear that we still have some strong little embryos.

I asked the nurse if she could give me any details, but she said that she didn't have that information. The only thing she hears from the embryologist is whether or not we can wait until day 5. She did say that in order to be considered for a Day 5 transfer, you need to have least 5 grade 1-2 embryos (6-8 cells). That sounds great to me.

Look - it's our little Petries! (This is what they look like in my head.)
This afternoon, I need to call to see what time I'm scheduled for transfer on Thursday. After that, it's just another ~40-48 hours of waiting and praying and hoping for the best.

In other news, I started the progesterone supplement (Crinone gel) yesterday. So far so good with that one. I've only used two so far, but I haven't noticed anything weird or uncomfortable yet. On Thursday I'll add in the estrogen pills as well. At least I'm finished with the injections!

IVF #1 Progress Report
Status: 3 days past retrieval, 2 days until transfer!
Embryos: 5-9 grade 1-2 (6-8 cells)
Lupron: Done!
Stims: Done!
Other Meds: Crinone gel
Side Effects: Probably TMI to share...but it's a real pain in the ass


  1. YAY!!!!!! (And yes, the Crinone gel can be....gross.) So excited for you for Thursday!

  2. Such great news!!!! I'm so excited for Thurs, keeping everything crossed for you!!! <3