Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Well, this is it.

Our last chance to get pregnant before we start fertility treatments. Our last 2WW before the one-year mark.

I'm 100% convinced that I ovulated yesterday. This morning I woke up to a nice, clear temperature shift and my OPK was stark white. It's certainly not the first time I ovulated this early, but I had been going through a phase where my average O day was more like CD13 or even 14. Plus, I usually have two days of positive OPKs. Even Fertility Friend didn't see this coming. The cycle of my HSG was the same, but I thought maybe the test messed with my cycle or something. I guess not.

Oh well. It's out of our hands now. I wish our timing had been a little bit better, but I know that it only takes one time. Given our particular set of issues, our timing might actually be for the best. I feel hopeful, for now. The start of the 2WW always feels good for me. Time to sit back and try to relax!

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