Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So Super Pumped!!!

Oh my gosh! A few weeks ago, I sent an application to the local community college because there was an opening for an Adjunct Faculty position to teach Earth Science. I didn't really expect anything to happen. My "teaching" experience is mostly limited to teaching college labs. I've only filled in to do a lecture a few times. But....I just got a call from them!


Since I've been in school forever, this will be my first real interview. I think. It kind of didn't sound like there was actually going to be an interview. The woman who called just said that the associate dean "chose" me and they wanted to know which classes I wanted to teach. Umm, all of them please? I'm supposed to fill out a packet and bring my driver's license and SS card to a meeting with the interim dean next week. It seems like I have a really good chance of getting the job (or a job, there are several classes available) unless I do something really stupid to fuck it up (which is entirely possible).

Man, I needed this. Even if I don't get the job it feels good that someone thought I might be good enough. It will feel even more awesome if I actually get the job. Dropping out of school to become a college teacher sounds way cooler than just dropping out of school.

Fingers crossed for me I guess!


  1. Congrats! Good luck with the interview!

  2. That's awesome, congrats!! Good luck, hope you end up with the classes you want! :)