Thursday, August 8, 2013

Prayers for my Pups

When we left for the hospital this morning at 5:45 AM, I just grabbed my wallet and left my bag on the dining room table. When we got home, my bag and all of it's contents were on the living room floor. I freaked out because I had two (almost empty) packs of gum and I know that there's an ingredient in sugar-free gum that is toxic to dogs.

Awesome just what I needed. I may have gone a little nuts, but I couldn't help it. I was already feeling sick and anxious and I just completely panicked. We can blame the drugs, but I would have been just as worried any other day. I felt super guilty since it was my bag and I should know better.

First Seth tried to get them to vomit. Binky did and we could see that he ate the gum, but Bear was being stubborn. So we called the vet and they said to bring them in immediately. Thank God that my parents are here. Seth and my dad took the dogs to the vet and my mom stayed home with me.

The vet got Bear to vomit and it didn't look like he ate anything. However, he got really sick so the vet gave him so fluids through an IV. She wasn't worried about Binky since is seemed like he got rid of the gum. We just need to keep an eye on them for the next 24 hours. If they act weird or get sick tomorrow, we have to take them in right away. I feel a little bit better now. We found out that they had only been left alone at 1:00 o'clock and we were home by 1:30, so Binky didn't really have time to digest anything. If you can spare some prayers or good thoughts for them, I'd appreciate it very much.

My poor little babies. This picture isn't from today, but this
is what they look like after getting sick this afternoon.
As for me, I'm okay. The surgery went really well. I was sick earlier and I'm feeling a lot of pain right now. I haven't been able to sleep at all since I woke up at the hospital, but hopefully I will get some rest tonight. I do/did have endo, so I'm really glad that I decided to do this. I'll give a full update tomorrow after I calm down and get out of my drug haze.

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