Monday, August 19, 2013

Keeping Busy

I've noticed that I haven't really been leaving the house very often. It started because I was working from home most of the summer, but then I stopped going out with people on the weekends. I noticed I was mostly avoiding people other than Seth as much as possible. Hanging out at home in my PJs is fine every once in a while, but I'm afraid it was getting towards the unhealthy side of the spectrum. We decided that we need to make more of an effort to get me out of the house.

Friday was a really nice day, so we went to the beach. We are so lucky to live so close to such a beautiful beach and I really need to take advantage of that more often. In the evening, we took the dogs to a nearby state park. It's nice and shady and when you're in the park you don't feel like you're in a small city/huge tourist town. Binky and Bear go wild at the chance to sniff new things. Plus, they love riding in the car to get to the park.

On Saturday, we took the water taxi downtown to have lunch. The water taxi is awesome (especially when you find a 50% coupon like I did). It takes you up and down the intracoastal canal and stops along the beach and downtown area. You're allowed to bring drinks on the boat, so we filled our little cooler bag with a few beers and enjoyed the afternoon on the water.

It DOES feel good to get out of the house. It keeps me from thinking too much and feeling like time is dragging by. I'm already planning for next weekend. We're either going to go to an MLB game or try a new bar that I read about yesterday - it serves all craft beers and has dozens on tap! My father-in-law and his girlfriend fly in on Sunday and they'll be here for two weeks, so I should have plenty of things to do to distract me for a little while!

BTW, update on my incision: It is infected. Justine, the nurse, was able to see me this morning and as soon as she took the Steri-Strip off we could see that it didn't look right. She called the doctor in and he took a culture and prescribed an ass load of antibiotics. Hopefully they do the trick! It's a good thing I went in because today is the last day of my good insurance. Starting tomorrow I have a temporary COBRA plan and I'd be paying out my ass for the culture. I also managed to sneak in some blood work today - they're checking my Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) which might shed some light on my ovarian reserve.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome outing! I work from home and find I need to make myself get out more too. Sorry you had an infection, but I'm glad you got in this morning and are hopefully on the mend!