Monday, November 18, 2013

Plan Update

Well, I just got back from mailing our application to our RE's discount IVF program. The program is for people who are uninsured who fall in a certain income bracket. The practice offers a 10-50% on IVF cycles and all of the associated procedures (FETs, ICIS, cryopreservation, etc.) depending on your income. After speaking with the financial counselor last week, she determined that we should qualify for the program. We filled out all of the forms, gathered all of the tax documents and pay stubs, and mailed it off to the office. The application says that it may take 2-3 weeks for them to process everything. For the next few weeks, I'm just going to be hoping and praying that we qualify at all and that the discount makes IVF a reasonable option for us.

Seth and I discussed the multi-cycle package and we both feel like it isn't the right choice for us right now. We were considering a package that offered two fresh IVF cycles and two frozen embryo transfer cycles. If we were lucky enough to have success with the first fresh cycle, the total cost would be about $23,000 (depending on drugs). Yikes. If we had success after using all four cycles, it would cost closer to $30,000. Mother fuck. If we went through all four cycles and still didn't have a baby, we'd get up to 50% of the base price refunded but we'd still be out about $18,000. That's a lot of money. Someday this might be a good option for us, but not right now. Seth is going to be graduating in May so we have no idea what our financial situation will look like in six months. Also, I want to move home as soon as Seth is finished with school. Trying to squeeze up to four treatment cycles in from mid-January and early May doesn't seem reasonable. I think it would just be way too much pressure.

So that's that. No multi-cycle program for us. What we do over the next few months depends on this discount program. If we qualify and we get a decent discount, I think we're going to go ahead with an IVF cycle in January. If we don't qualify, we'll probably just continue with business as usual until we know where we'll be living and working and/or until I lose my mind and we decide to try an IUI cycle or something.

In other more fun news, I started a new crochet project! I found a tutorial on Pinterest for an infinity scarf so I went to Michael's last week and picked out some yarn.

It's nice and chunky, but soft, and it's a neutral golden tan color. I love it. You can see that I messed up on a few rows (that bulge), but I don't think it will be noticeable once it's finished since the yarn is so chunky. Also, I was too lazy to undo it all by the time I noticed it. I hope I can finish it before I head up north next week! My other big project, the blanket that I was making, it still coming along very slowly. I need to get some more yarn and motivation for that one.


  1. I'm keeping my fx that you get some good news back on the IVF discount!!! <3

  2. WOW that is a lot of money. What a tough choice. It sounds like you have really good reasons for making the decision you made so I hope you and Seth feel good about it. Sending you a big hug - I'm sorry you are at the point where you have to think about this stuff. <3 (PS - nice scarf!)

  3. I hope the IVF "discount" works out!
    And love the yarn! That will be a pretty scarf! You Floridians totally need to stay warm! LOL

  4. It's hard to decide on which plan to go with, I hope you get good news about the discount. Great job on the scarf! My first crochet project was a blanket for my nephew. It ended up super lopsided but my sister loved it. She had a picture taken with it at each milestone. I've started a baby blanket for our future child, but haven't had the heart to work on it.