Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We've begun our initial descent

My optimism was pretty short-lived. Right after I made the mistake of admitting that I was feeling hopeful, my body kindly smacked me right back to reality. I've had cramps and extreme rage since Monday afternoon. I've also had really bad pains on my left side. I thought surgery was supposed to fix that? Maybe two full cycles isn't enough healing time? My temperature started dropping yesterday. We've begun our initial descent into Cycle 18. I expect CD1 will be this weekend.

As if that didn't suck enough, I'm pretty sure that Seth has a MRSA infection. When he was getting ready for bed last night I noticed that he had a GIANT "bug bite" on his leg. Okay, we live a sub-tropical climate and we were outside all day Saturday - mosquito bites are common. But this thing is huge and I know from reading all of my MRSA safety materials that people commonly mistake MRSA infections for spider bites. I looked at it more closely and it has an even bigger pink ring around the main "bite". Fuck fuck fuck. I'm so worried because this is much bigger than the one I had. We're hoping that if we explain the situation, our doctor will be able to squeeze him in early this morning to get it checked out. Fingers crossed.

In other news, good news (or as good as this type of news can be), I think Seth and I are finally on the same page and ready to make a decision about our next step. We watched a video on endometriosis and IF and talked through all of the research and we really feel like IVF is going to be the best option for us. We're still going to be open-minded about what Dr. M has to say when we meet with him in two weeks, but it feels good to know that if he also thinks IVF is the way to go, we're ready to make the jump.

Update: I checked the suspicious "bite" again this morning. The pink rim is still there, but it doesn't feel hot and there's no drainage either, so maybe it really is a bite? Seth wants to keep an eye on it and if it doesn't change or it gets worse, he'll see the doctor on Friday. I know I'm a worrier, but I think he is too relaxed sometimes. It's so annoying :P

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  1. Booo to the descent! Hopefully it's just messing with your head!

    And keep some Neosporin on that bug bite! LOL