Sunday, October 20, 2013

We are the Champions

Yesterday morning, Seth took Binks and Bear to the state park for their morning walk. The park ranger told him that there would be a Halloween parade for dogs at 2 PM, so we decided to go. I was really looking forward to trying out their costumes! We got to the park around 2:30 and Binks and Bear were so pumped. It was kind of hard to get their costumes on properly, but we made it work and they looked super cute.

Binky and Bear

We got to the pavilion and I think we missed the parade which was probably for the best - it was really fucking hot yesterday. All of the dogs were assembled under the pavilion and they were taking turns getting up on a picnic table to show off their costumes. There was some serious competition - two super cute Old English Sheepdogs in Halloween gear and two black Poodles that were dressed up as chefs. Binks and Bear got their turn on the table and then it was judgement time. The whole event was organized by the Junior Rangers Club (mostly girls around 10-14 years old) so it was really cute. They made trophies out of recycled materials and homemade organic dog treats for prizes.

Finally, they announced the winners. The sheep dogs won the "Match your Owners" category (owner's were in festive clothes too) and the poodles won "Best in Show". Then they said they announced that the winners for the "Cutest Pup" category were Binky and Bear! Woohooo! You know it!!!

I was so proud. Proudest mama ever. They fucking rule. They got to take another turn on the champions' table to get their trophies and prizes. All of the junior rangers gathered around to pet them and of course Binks and Bear take the opportunity to give out kisses.

Their trophy says "Cutest Pup of them All"

It always makes me so happy and relieved to see how good they are with kids because they don't get the chance to be with kids often since we live so far away from family.

I'm looking forward to Halloween next week! We'll have more time to get their costumes on properly so I can take some better pictures are home - the 30 or so that I took yesterday just weren't enough!

My prize-winning pups


  1. Oh my goodness! They are too cute! Definitely deserving of their prize!

  2. LOVE them!!! No wonder they won cutest pups, adorable!!!

  3. I just Awwwww'd at every picture! You have some beautiful furbabies! And I LOVE the new layout with the pictures at the top!

  4. How friggin cute are THEY?!! Ahh! I want them!