Friday, October 18, 2013

Rally the Troops

Here we go again. I'm about a week away from my average/predicted ovulation day so now the fun part begins! For a few days, I get to feel like we have some sort of control over the situation. That's always nice.

This is my third cycle since I had surgery. Statistically, most people who get pregnant after surgery without treatment do so in the first three months. I know it's possible, but I'm not expecting to get lucky this time either. Only a very small percentage of people with endometriosis have improved fertility after surgery. I'll never understand why people say they didn't expect to get pregnant so quickly. Why not? ~65% of couples are pregnant within the first three months. Why would you expect to be in the minority? That's silly. I'm not expecting to be in the minority this time either. We're still going to do whatever we can though. Which means we're going to do exactly what we've been doing the past 17 cycles!

I'm still having a lot of pelvic pain. I'm really disappointed actually. I thought things would be different after surgery. Apparently there's a small percentage of people (yay another minority - I AM so lucky) that don't really have an improvement in their symptoms. It's possible that I'm still healing of course, but the pain feels exactly the same as it did before surgery so I'm not too hopeful on that front either.

That's kind of why we're leaning towards starting treatment sooner rather than later. The odds of natural conception after surgery to remove endo are pretty low to begin with. Add my pain to that and we're just really afraid to wait. No one has any idea how quickly the endo with grow back. I don't want the surgery and the MRSA to have been for nothing.

We know we want to do something, we just don't know what yet. Our meeting with Dr. M is one week from today. We want to go into the meeting with some ideas of want we want and also some limits so that we feel ready to make a decision at that appointment (we're 100% OOP now, so every meeting counts). At some point, I'm going to make a big lists of all of everything we're thinking. Lists help me sort out my thoughts and I'm also hoping that people will feel comfortable giving their opinion or advice, even if they're not in the same position. I like hearing different perspectives.

But not today. It's FRIDAY!!! I don't really have a whole lot of work to do before Monday, so it should be a nice relaxing weekend. We have no plans, which I'm sure sounds boring to some people, but it sounds glorious to me. Just two more classes this morning and then I'm done!


  1. I'm gonna hold out hope for you that you are one of those "3 months" women! FX!!!!

  2. FX for you dearie! (Love the pics you added at the top of the blog)