Wednesday, July 30, 2014

15 weeks (and 3 days)

It's been a busy week so I'm a little late with my update. You already know about Sunday. On Monday I also got bumped from my 6 AM flight until 1 PM so that was fun. Now we have some house guests - my cousin in visiting with her 5 month old son. It's been so fun to see Binks and Bear around the baby. I was really nervous about it, but they're handling it really well. To be honest, I wouldn't mind if they were a little less interested in the baby but I'm so so glad that they don't seem stressed or annoyed at all. Binks especially just wants to sit by him and lick his feet (and hands and face). Luckily no one minds!

How far along: 15 weeks and 3 days. Baby is the size of an orange - about 4 inches long. 

Physical symptoms: Not too many. I'm feeling almost normal again, though I do have a lot of stretching and soreness in my abdomen. I'm already starting to feel off balance which is weird because I don't really have a bump.        

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +2.5 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Still in regular clothes.      

Stretch marks: None that I've noticed.

Sleep: YES!! I've been sleeping so much better this past week. I hardly wake up at all and when I do, I fall back to sleep very quickly. My hips are feeling so much better.

Best moment of the week: Seeing Baby's heartbeat and hearing that everything is fine. Also, we could really see the little skeleton on the ultrasound. It looks like Baby was wearing a Halloween costume - so cute!

Movement: I haven't felt anything yet.  I can't wait!

Food cravings: None. I'm not really having aversions anymore, I'm just having the problem where nothing sounds particularly appealing.

Sex: Not sure yet.

Labor signs: None, thankfully.

Belly button: Still in.

What I miss: Nothing new.

What I am looking forward to: 19 sleeps until the anatomy scan!!! I'm still so anxious and excited. First we have to get through the final step of the Integrated Screen. That will happen over the next two weeks or so.

Milestones: Still pregnant.

Bump Watch: I definitely feel like I can see a bump now. Sometimes, especially at night, I feel giant. In the crappy photo I took this morning, I don't look as big as I feel. It's still coming and going I guess. 


  1. I can't believe you have an orange, so awesome! Glad to hear you're sleeping better and I can't believe that anatomy scan is coming up so quickly! You and your tiny bump are adorable, love it! <3

  2. Look and you and your pretty bump! I'm so glad you're doing well! It's amazing how quickly time flies and you're already 15 weeks. And I'm so glad to hear Bear and Bink's are doing well around babies.

  3. :) you are quite possibly the cutest pregnant lady ever! I'm so glad things are looking up and you're all doing well :)

  4. So glad to hear everything is going well that you are feeling better physically! I think its so wonderful you can see the baby's skeleton now. Can't wait until your next update! Cute little bump :)

  5. I can't believe that you are so close to your anatomy scan!! And your bump is adorable :)