Sunday, November 2, 2014

29 weeks

First, I need to show off my babies. They were crayons for Halloween - Binks was green and Bear was red. Bear doesn't mind dressing up, especially if he's rewarded with treats. Binks was not into his hat at all. As soon as I put his costume on he just froze, so I didn't make him wear it. We had so much fun sitting on the porch waiting for kids to come by though. I really do think my boys will love having a baby in the house.

How far along: 29 weeks

Countdown to EDD: 11 weeks/77 days 

Baby is the size of an: acorn squash. That's festive. Baby boy is about 3 lbs and growing quickly! No shit.

Physical symptoms: Some new stuff - lower back pain, inability to eat a full meal (and chest pain if I try), headaches - plus the usual soreness and fatigue.

Mood: Fine I guess, but I've been weirdly needy. I keep crying when Seth tries to leave the house. I think I'm just lonely during the week and so worried about being really lonely in January.    

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I don't really want to know. It feels like I gained a good amount this week.

Maternity clothes: Mostly yes but I went shopping for some maternity sweaters the other day and they are too big or just ridiculously unflattering. Non-maternity tunics are better.     

Sleep: Not too bad.

Best moment of the week: We toured the hospital this week. Seth and I had a great time and the hospital is awesome. They have separate birthing and recovery rooms, but they're all private. The standard birthing rooms are ugly (floral wallpaper) but have all of the same amenities of the VIP room (minus the refrigerator and big ass TV). However, the recovery rooms are all fully updated. Even the standard rooms have the "luxury shower" area and double beds. I don't think we'll bother upgrading to the VIP room (though they did drop the price to $200/night) because the only extra is a seating area for guests and we don't expect many/any guests.

Movement: Yep. I started kick counting this week. I highly recommend the Baby Bump Pro app. It's $2.99 (unless you have free Amazon credits - woohoo!) but it would be worth it, IMO. It's better than any of the free ones I tried and good for lazies who don't want to keep paper records.

Food cravings/aversions: I want all of the food, but it doesn't fit in my stomach anymore.

Sex: Boy

Labor signs: Still having lots of BH contractions, but water and rest really helps.

What I miss: I'm going to echo Jaytee and say that I miss being able to pull off shoes/socks/leggings by myself. It's such a difficult task these days.

What I am looking forward to: 30 weeks feels like a big deal. After that we'll be in single digit weeks!

Milestones: Same as above I guess.

Showing yet: Yes. This morning Seth said, "Wow look at you! It's starting to get real!". Starting? Really? I was unimpressed. Anyway - check me out in my men's department Christmas pajamas. It's "freezing" here in Florida. 


  1. Woohooo!!! Yay Ana; I can't believe you are 29 weeks already!! So glad you are doing so well.

  2. Ahhh, between your adorable pups and your super cute bump, I'm squeeing over here!! I seriously can't believe you're thisclose to 30 weeks already, not to rush you, but omg!

  3. First of all, your dogs are adorable. It just reminded me that I forgot to dress our dog up and I even had her costume! Whoops. I'm laughing at what your husband said. Men, they can be so .... cute... sometimes.