Sunday, November 9, 2014

30 weeks!!

I can't believe we're at the three-quarter mark. 75% sounds so close to finished. But then, 25% still sounds like a lot of time left. It still seems like we have plenty of time to finish getting ready. It sounds like I still have a lot of time to expand and get very uncomfortable. Assuming we go at least the full 40 weeks, of course.

How far along: 30 weeks 

Countdown to EDD: 10 weeks/70 days

Baby is the size of a: Cucumber. Baby is still practicing his breathing skills. I felt hiccups for the first time this week!

Physical symptoms: Heartburn (my own fault, thanks buffalo chicken), pretty intense RLP and lower back pain on my right side. I realized I stand with all of my weight on my right foot and I need to stop. My belly is getting too heavy for that.   

Mood: Mostly good

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Enough

Maternity clothes: Nothing new. I did buy some new non-maternity yoga pants though. My old ones were OLD. I think I'll pack them in my hospital bag since they've been on their way out for years.     

Sleep: Not bad. I don't sleep through the night, but I sleep without terrible pain.

Best moment of the week: We finished ordering our cloth diaper stash! I'm so pumped for them to get here.

Movement: It's different all of a sudden. I still get kicks and pokes, but now I really feel his whole body moving. Sometimes he'll lean up against the outside and I can see him and feel him sitting there. It makes my stomach look misshapen.

Food cravings/aversions: French fries and Boston creme donuts, not necessarily together but I probably wouldn't say no.

Sex: Boy

Labor signs: Tons of BH contractions, thankfully nothing else

What I miss: Beer and cold turkey hoagies

What I am looking forward to: Getting our cloth diapers, finishing up the nursery, Thanksgiving, the end of the semester...

Milestones: Today! 30 weeks sounds like a big deal. The next big number will be our EDD!

Showing yet: I squeezed myself into a non-maternity tank to make another comparison photo. I'm pretty sure that I felt "puffy" at 10 weeks. L.O.L. Check out my boobs too. Go on, have a look - you don't even need a magnifying glass anymore. They're just still just a B, but that's a B for "Biggest they've ever been".


  1. HA HA HA Boston Creme donuts! Sorry :-)
    Your belly is BEAUtiful!!
    And holy crap - your next big milestone is EDD! Ahhhh!!!! Amazing :-D

  2. You look fantastic!!! I love your beautiful bump, it's so perfect!!! Happy 30 weeks, I can't believe you're here already!!! Yay for your CD stash!

  3. 30 WEEKS!? Ah! You look fabulous! Hopefully the next 10 weeks or so will just fly by for you!

  4. I love the comparison pictures! You look terrific. I'm laughing at your boob remark - isn't it the best? My boobs are pretty non-existent but during pregnancy they start to look like they can at least get out of training bras. Wishing you the best during the last 10 weeks! You're almost in the single digit countdown!

  5. Nice rack ;)

    Where is the CD stash picture?? I want to see it!!