Sunday, October 26, 2014

28 weeks

How far along: 28 weeks 

Countdown to EDD: 12 weeks/84 days 

Baby is the size of an: Eggplant. Baby's brain is becoming more developed and he's "breathing" in amniotic fluid

Physical symptoms: Mostly just a sore and uncomfortable with a little bit of heartburn every now and then. And I'm exhausted all the time. I found out I'm anemic so that could be contributing to my fatigue. Hopefully the supplements will help.  

Mood: Pretty good   

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  +12-13. Whatever. Baby looks fine, so I'm not worrying about it.

Maternity clothes: Yep, most of the time.     

Sleep: Not bad this week! I pee a lot, but I'm comfortable enough to go back to sleep easily.

Best moment of the week: Seeing our baby at the growth scan on Thursday! Everything looks good and he seems to be measuring a bit ahead so that's a relief. He's also head down and I'm hoping he stays that way. Also - I passed the glucose test so that's good news too.

Movement: Yep. I'm supposed to start kick counting today.

Food cravings/aversions: None that I can think of.

Sex: Boy

Labor signs: Nope, but I've had some more BHs contractions.

What I miss: Being able to bend over without being uncomfortable.

What I am looking forward to: We're going to tour the hospital this week. We already finished all of our classes, but now we'll get to see the actual L&D rooms.

Milestones: I guess passing the glucose test was a big deal. 

Showing yet: Of course. Here I am in another Sunday "outfit". Don't judge me. 


  1. How, how, HOW are you 28 weeks already? I feel like I just started reading these pregnancy posts! I also feel like a broken record, because I'm pretty sure I've said this all before. You look great. I'm so glad that the baby looks like he is doing well. What a big step to go see the L&D rooms! Baby will be here before you know it!

  2. Congrats on passing your glucose test! Woo hoo. Your bump is so cute. It is making me feel really big since you're two months ahead of me and I feel like our bumps are the same size. LOL

  3. What a good week - great growth scan, head down, passed your GTT - woo hoo!! And you look fantastic as always!! <3

  4. Yay for passing the glucose tolerance test!! And how exciting to be touring the L&D rooms!

    No judging of the outfit, outside of when I have to leave my house I've been in sweats for the past month :)

  5. I'm so glad to hear everything looked great at the growth scan and that you passed your glucose tolerance test! You look so cute, btw! <3

  6. YAY! Glad everything is looking great! You look fantastic!