Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Thank you to everyone for the good thoughts and prayers!

It sounds like everything went well with Bear's procedure today. They removed the bump and stitched him up. Binks was so happy to see Bear when we picked him up.

I was a little bit shocked when we saw him - it looks like they removed a nice chuck. With the shaved head and the giant stitches, he looks like one of those Frankenstein cartoons.

Bear was exhausted and very high when we picked him up. It took him awhile to recover, but thankfully he perked up around dinner time and it seems like he's feeling a lot better now.

The vet mentioned the malignant cancer again. She said she's concerned about it because normally anything that's benign will heal quickly. Bear's bump didn't heal, but he also banged his head really hard against the coffee table midway through the treatment with the cream. I'm hoping that was the issue. We should find out within a week.

Thanks again for all of the love!

*For the record, I'm aware that I'm a crazy dog lady. IDGAF.


  1. Aww poor Bear! I hope it comes back as nothing to worry about.

  2. I am a total crazy dog lady too. You are in good company.

    So glad it seemed like everything went well! Thinking of you and your furbabies!!

  3. Abby and I are sending lots of good vibes that his results come back benign and he has a speedy recovery! <3

  4. So glad that Bear is home, healing up and feeling better. FX that the results come back benign and don't worry about being a crazy dog lady. If I had dogs as beautiful as yours I'd be a crazy dog lady too!

  5. Ana, I am so so sorry you are going through this!!! This is the worst. FX that Bear has clean results! I will be thinking of you guys. As a crazy cat lady, I can honestly say there is nothing wrong with being a crazy dog lady ;-) Our animals are there to be loved and people like us exist so that they can have the best lives possible. I am not ashamed. Sending lots of love and hugs from Mingus, Lulu and me!