Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Embryology Report

Dr. M called today with the report from the embryologist.  He said that the embryologist wasn't really happy with our batch of embryos right from the start. She could already tell by day three that they weren't developing well - the growth was really disorganized (or something). On day 5 we only had that one good embryo that we transferred and one other embryo that was okay. Dr. M said that looking back, it might have been better to freeze it on day 5 than to wait to see how did on day 6 but I don't feel that upset about it. If it didn't make it to day 6, what are the chances that it would have survived the freeze, thaw, and transfer?

So...we have poor quality embryos. They're still not really sure what to do about it. They're happy with my response to the meds so they don't want to change that. The only thing that they can think to do is to change the protocol. Next time (if we decide to cycle with them in April) we'll be skipping the Lupron and trying an antagonist protocol. In this protocol, I would still take the BCPs for 1-4 weeks, have a period, start stimming (Menopur and Gonal-F), and then add an antagonist (Ganirelix or Cetrotide) on day 4-6 of stims to prevent ovulation. They hope that this protocol will help my follicles grow and mature at the same rate. Last time, the follicles were growing at different rates so that on day 8 of stims I had 16 follicles ranging from 19.8 - 13 mm. Also, once my follicles reach 14 mm, Dr. M is going to sit down with the embryologist to make sure that everyone is on the same page about how to proceed for the rest of the cycle.

I'm not sure how I feel. I guess I'm glad that we're going to try something different. I'm definitely glad that they made some suggestions because now I can compare it to what the other doctor says when we go for the second opinion at the other clinic. Hopefully, they'll have the same ideas so that I feel more confident about staying with my current doctor. If not...we'll have some things to think about.

In other news, I think I'm in the 2WW.

I thought I ovulated 5 days ago - I had a positive OPK and a temp spike followed by a negative OPK, but then I had a drop in temp. I probably should have kept using the OPKs until I got CHs, but honestly I don't really care about this either. I'm so over stressing about TTC on our own. There's like a 2% or less of this actually happening. Rather than being depressing, it's kind of freeing to accept that "natural" conception is so improbable. I'm sure I'll feel differently when I get my period, but right now it feels nice to give zero fucks.


  1. Hang in there. I know it's tough to hear the news. I definitely spent weeks beating myself up for it. With our first cycle, we had a lot of fragmentation and then transferred two on Day 3. The remaining four didn't make it to Day 5. On our second cycle, our embryos were so fragmented that they were crumbling... not even one made it past two cells. But then we switched up the protocol, and we got one that made it to blast & freeze! We actually had two on Day 5, but the second one that didn't make it was "small with disorganized cells." My doctor said that it was probably getting ready to arrest... which it did :( BUT we have one. All you need is one! HANG IN THERE!!!!!

    And I can completely relate about giving up with the 2% chances of a natural conception. To me, it's not worth it... 2% chance of success and 100% chance of heartbreak. Take care of yourself!

    1. Thanks CiCi! It's nice to hear that a change in protocol really can give you that one perfect embryo. I have everything crossed for you and yours <3

  2. That's a lot to take in. I think the most positive stuff I heard was that they were able to identify some things they would do differently, which I think is always promising, and as you mentioned, it will be great when you go for your second opinion consult, you can directly compare their plan with your current doctor's plan. Good luck with the next consult! Sending lots of love <3

  3. I know that is probably hard to hear, but I really hope it gives you some great information to use when going to a second opinion. Hoping you are able to come up with a great plan for IVF#2. ((hugs))

  4. Just wanted to send some ((hugs)). I know it's disappointing news to hear but it's encouraging that your Dr has a plan for changing up the protocol, and you're right that you'll be armed with lots of info for your 2nd opinion. <3 <3 Sending good thoughts out to the universe for you dear!