Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Adios Amigos!

Later tonight Seth are leaving to visit his brother in Honduras! I'm excited because my BIL and his wife just had a baby girl in the spring and it will be our first time meeting our niece. Also, this will be my first visit to Honduras.

My BIL lives in a city near the border with Guatemala. It's known as the "murder" capitol" of the world because it has had the highest murder rate for the past two years or so. Most of the top 50 most dangerous cities are in Central and South America in the drug traffic zone, but there are a few in the US (New Orleans, #17), the Caribbean, and Africa as well. The most dangerous city that I've been to so far is Guatemala City which didn't even make the top ten (#12). I don't think I'll make it goal to visit all 50 cities, but I think this will be definitely an interesting experience! And it's good to be reminded how different things are in other parts of the world. I know that I take a lot for granted.

Anyway, I really need to go pack now - I just wanted to let all of my stalkers friends and supporters know that I would be missing for a few days. Hope everyone survives the rest of the week and has a lovely weekend!


  1. Don't leave me!! I kid, sorta ;) Have a fantastic trip, please be safe! So exciting to meet your niece, squee!!

  2. Have a good trip! I am jealous! We went to Belize for our honeymoon and loved it! (Lol same geographic area right?)

  3. But then how will I stalk your chart?

    Just kidding have a great trip!!

    1. I forgot my thermometer! At least I won't be able to stress about it I guess.

      And thanks! Btw, I was so happy to see your update yesterday <3

  4. Thanks! And I'm glad you forgot your thermometer, sometimes a girl just needs a break. Have fun!