Monday, September 22, 2014

23 weeks

How far along: 23 weeks (and 1 day) 

Countdown to EDD: 17 weeks/117 days

Baby is the size of a: Grapefruit! I love grapefruits. Baby can hear sounds now. That was obvious yesterday - we went to an NFL game yesterday and he was awake and moving ALL day long. Poor little couldn't get any sleep. 

Physical symptoms: Hip pain and lots of stretching. I need to remember not to move so quickly.   

Mood: I'm still a little sensitive to random things. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  +10

Maternity clothes: I bought maternity pants this week and they seem pretty awesome so far. I've been wearing those to work. It's kind of like wearing yoga pants to work.    

Sleep: Eh

Best moment of the week: Seth and I started getting some more things together in the nursery so that was fun. It's starting to look like a baby belongs in there :)

Movement: Yep - he's wild!

Food cravings/aversions: Still craving French Fries and Lucky Charms plus cinnamon raisin English muffins and anything grapefruit. It's been months since I've had eggs.

Sex: Boy

Labor signs: No, thankfully.

What I miss: I missed beer yesterday, but not as much as I thought I would. 

What I am looking forward to: Viability day and my baby shower - only 6 more sleeps!

Milestones: Baby's just hanging out and getting fat and strong for now...

Showing yet: Yep! Not my most flattering outfit, but it was HOT yesterday and they're the only shorts that fit comfortably. 


  1. How cute that he could hear everything going on at the game! You look adorable, btw. :) Glad to hear everything is going well!

  2. 24 weeks is a big milestone and you are almost there! So great to hear that he is moving around so much. It must be so great to feel him wiggle around. You still look great!

  3. Look at you with your cute belly! I'm so glad that viability day is just around the corner.