Sunday, May 4, 2014

PUPO, plus!

Friday was transfer day. After a nice talk with Dr. M, we decided to go through with the fresh transfer. We also decided that due to the increased risk of OHSS, it was safer to transfer only one embryo. Seth and I both agreed that this was the best decision for us for this cycle.

So, I'm PUPO! 2dp5dt. We transferred one beautiful little 4BB snuggle bunny.

On Friday, Dr. M also said that he was confident that we would have 2-3 frozen embryos because they were already at the target stage of development. There were also three early blastocysts that had potential. The lab was going to give them a bit more time and freeze them on day 6 if they made good progress.

This morning we got the most amazing news (well, second most amazing). Seth and I have six frozen embryos! SIX! We can't believe it. This is a ridiculous improvement over our first cycle. We are beyond thrilled and so, so grateful. Those little guys give us so much hope - something that has been missing from our home for the past few months. I'm calling them our snow bunnies since they came from my April Snuggle Bunnies cycle.

Now we can just keep our focus on the little guy we transferred. Hopefully it's snuggling in for a nice long stay.


  1. I'm so happy for you!! Hope this little snow bunny snuggles in and you get your BFP. It's so amazing to know you have 6 little snow bunnies waiting for you to use in the future (hopefully far in the future for a second LO)!

  2. I am so so happy for you!! FX that your little embie is snuggling in tight. And 6 frosties is SO amazing!! HUGS!

  3. That's a beautiful blastocyst! Good luck!

  4. That is great news! Congratulations!

  5. Good luck! What a beautiful little baby already! And that is great news about your snowbabies. Congrats!