Tuesday, August 25, 2015

6 Months

Just a little bit late. I'm trying to catch up. I'd love to be able to show this to E someday.

6 Month Check-in
Weight: E was 16 lbs 12 oz. I think that was close to the 30th percentile! 

Height: 28 inches long. He's so tall!

Hair: He has an awesome fauxhawk or upside mullet. It still looks brown sometimes, blond other times.

Eyes: Still blue

Sleep: This has been the best month yet. E typically sleeps 4 hours or more for his first stretch and then he's only been waking 2 twice before getting up around 7:30. He's really good about going to bed too. It's been amazing - such a huge change from the past two months.

Milestones: He's been a pro at sitting for awhile. As soon as he learned to sit, he started trying to stand. He's very good at standing if I help prop him up against the sofa or a table.

Likes: Reading, trying to stand, his anchor teether, eating (sometimes)

Dislikes: Drinking (bottle or breast), getting dressed, having his diaper changed

What's going on: The biggest thing going on this past month was that E started eating solids (just oatmeal) and sleeping so much better. Unfortunately, he does not tolerate the oatmeal well. He's a very sensitive little boy (wonder where he gets that). It makes him constipated and gives him a terrible diaper rash. The doctor said that the oatmeal changes the acidity of poop. That's exactly what the rash looks like - an acid burn. Poor E. Luckily it clears up pretty quickly as soon as we stop the oatmeal. 

What's Next: Next up is the 9 month appointment in October.

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